This beautiful historic Villa was built in 1909 directly behind the transition over the promenade to the beach. It was build by the Director of the “Schelde Shipyard” still a dominant entity in Vlissingen, including the Navy Yard, Repair Yard and Mega yacht Shipyard “Amels” right in the city centre. 

At the time the director was paid on commission base, lucky for him there was a very successful series of vessels build, known as the “Ophir” class. There could be a link to the name of the Villa, or it is referring to either a Volcano on Sumatra (indicated on the side of the house) or the place with gold mines of King Salomon as per Bible.

During the different periods, the building served as, Family house, Sailors boarding school during housing shortage after WWII, Music school and church to be put back into use as a Home in the late 90s. 

Villa de Ophir was not spared during the war, as so many buildings in Vlissingen it was severely damaged. In the flood disaster of 1953, the boulevard was breached at the Lion Steps and the Villa stood with its feet in the water. 

For most Zeelanders from Walcheren and born before 1980, the building is still known as “the music school”.

Located in a “quiet” location (a kind of island), centrally in Vlissingen, near the beach, cinema, city, supermarket and nature (forest and dune), all within 1 kilometer within walking distance.

Badhuisstraat, Villa de Ophir 1915 (ca)